ADA INSTRUMENTS AC Voltage Detector ZAC 1000 User Manual

ADA INSTRUMENTS ZAC 1000 AC Voltage Detector Instruction Manual


ZAC 1000, batteries, operating manual.


The Volt finder voltage detector is intended to check for the presence of AC voltage, signaling the user with an LED on. Built-in bright flashlight with ON/OFF button.


  1. detector
  2. clip
  3. On/Off button. Turns On/Off the torch.
  4. torch with LED backlight

ADA INSTRUMENTS ZAC 1000 AC Voltage Detector Instruction Manual - Features


Detection AC voltage, 90…1000V (50/60 Hz)
Operation temperature 10 … +50°С
Operation humidity <90%RH
Storage temperature 10 … +50°С
Power supply 2 х ААА 1,5V batteries
Dimensions, mm 150х25х18
Weight 48 gr

Safety instructions

This instruction manual and any markings on the tool provide information for avoiding hazards and unsafe practices related to the use of this tool.

Read and understand this material before operating or servicing this equipment. Failure to understand how to safely operate this tool can result in an accident causing serious injury or death.

⚠ Electric shock hazard: Contact with live circuits can result in severe injury or death.

Do not use the unit if it is wet or damaged.
Do not apply more than the rated voltage between the probe tip and earth ground.
Do not operate with the case open. Failure to observe these warning can result in severe injury or death.

Do not attempt to repair this unit. It contains no user-serviceable parts.

Do not expose the unit to extremes in temperature or high humidity. Failure to observe these precautions can result in injury and can damage the instrument.

Battery Replacement

Press the clip (2) and move the half of the housing in the opposite direction from detector (1). Replace the batteries. Observe the polarity.


The Voltage Detector is useful for the identifying hot and neutral conductors, finding a break in a wire, and detecting the presence of AC voltage at: Outlets Switches Circuit breakers Fuses Wires and cables

Note: The voltage detector can be used to find a break in a wire: To find a break in a hot conductor, trace the wire until the signal stops. To find a break in a neutral conductor, connect a load between the hot and neutral. Trace the wire until the signal stops.

Place the probe tip (1) on or near the circuit or unit to be tested. Detector lights up in red color. Sounds alarm. LED indicate the presence of AC Voltage from 90~1000 VAC (50/60Hz).

Note: The voltage detector cannot detect voltage on armoured cable or on cable in conduit, behind panels, or in metallic enclosures.


This product is warranted by the manufacturer to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, and upon proof of purchase, the product will be repaired or replaced (with the same or similar model at manufactures option), without charge for either parts of labour. In case of a defect please contact the dealer where you originally purchased this product. The warranty will not apply to this product if it has been misused, abused or altered. Without limiting the foregoing, leakage of the battery, bending or dropping the unit are presumed to be defects resulting from misuse or abuse.


The user of this product is expected to follow the instructions given in operators’ manual. Although all instruments left our warehouse in perfect condition and adjustment the user is expected to carry out periodic checks of the product’s accuracy and general performance. The manufacturer, or its representatives, assumes no responsibility of results of a faulty or intentional usage or misuse including any direct, indirect, consequential damage, and loss of profits. The manufacturer, or its representatives, assumes no responsibility for consequential damage, and loss of profits by any disaster (earthquake, storm, flood …), fire, accident, or an act of a third party and/or a usage in other than usual conditions. The manufacturer, or its representatives, assumes no responsibility for any damage, and loss of profits due to a change of data, loss of data and interruption of business etc., caused by using the product or an unusable product. The manufacturer, or its representatives, assumes no responsibility for any damage, and loss of profits caused by usage other than explained in the users’ manual. The manufacturer, or its representatives, assumes no responsibility for damage caused by wrong movement or action due to connecting with other products.


  1. If the standard or serial product number will be changed, erased, removed or will be unreadable.
  2. Periodic maintenance, repair or changing parts as a result of their normal runout.
  3. All adaptations and modifications with the purpose of improvement and expansion of normal sphere of product application, mentioned in the service instruction, without tentative written agreement of the expert provider.
  4. Service by anyone other than an authorized service center.
  5. Damage to products or parts caused by misuse, including, without limitation, misapplication or negligence of the terms of service instruction.
  6. Power supply units, chargers, accessories, wearing parts.
  7. Products, damaged from mishandling, faulty adjustment, maintenance with low-quality and non-standard materials, presence of any liquids and foreign objects inside the product.
  8. Acts of God and/or actions of third persons.
  9. In case of unwarranted repair till the end of warranty period because of damages during the operation of the product, it’s transportation and storing, warranty doesn’t resume.

For more information you can visit our website WWW.ADAINSTRUMENTS.COM or write the letter with your questions on [email protected]


Name and model of the product ________________________________________________

Serial number ________________date of sale_______________________

Name of commercial organization _____________________stamp of commercial organization

Warranty period for the instrument exploitation is 24 months after the date of original retail purchase. During this warranty period the owner of the product has the right for free repair of his instrument in case of manufacturing defects.

Warranty is valid only with original warranty card, fully and clear filled (stamp or mark of the seller is obligatory).

Technical examination of instruments for fault identification which is under the warranty, is made only in the authorized service center.

In no event shall manufacturer be liable before the client for direct or consequential damages, loss of profit or any other damage which occur in the result of the instrument outage.

The product is received in the state of operability, without any visible damages, in full completeness. It is tested in my presence. I have no complaints to the product quality. I am familiar with the conditions of warranty service and i agree.

purchaser signature _______________________________ Before operating you should read service instruction!

If you have any questions about the warranty service and technical support contact seller of this product

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