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eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale Instruction Manual

Digital personal scale
eta 1780
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Dear customer, thank you for purchasing our product. Please read the operating instructions carefully before putting the appliance into operation and keep these instructions including the warranty, the receipt and, if possible, the box with the internal packing. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual

I. SAFETY WARNING eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale Instruction Manual - Warning or Caution icon

-­ Consider the instructions for use as a part of the appliance and pass them on to any other user of the appliance.
-­ The appliance is intended for use in households only and for similar use! It is not intended for use in health-care facilities and for commercial use!
-­ The appliance can use by people (including children) whose physical, sensual or mental inability or lack of experience and knowledge prevents safe use of the appliance if they are supervised.
-­ Never use the appliance if it malfunctions, if it fell to the ground and got damaged or if it fell into water. In these cases bring the appliance to a specialised service to have the safety and functions of the device checked. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual
-­ We recommend: Do not step onto the scale with wet feet or on wet surface of the scale, there is a risk of slipping.
-­ Never immerse the scale into water (even their parts)! ­ If the scale was stored in lower temperatures, let it adjust to the room temperature. ­
– Use the scale in a horizontal position only and at places where they cannot knock over, in sufficient distance from heat sources (e.g. stove, fireplace, heat radiators), sources of increased air humidity (e.g. sauna, bathroom, swimming pool) and equipment with strong electromagnetic field (e.g. microwave oven, radio, mobile phone). ­
– Protect the personal scale from dust, chemicals, excessive humidity, toiletries, liquid cosmetic preparations, intensive temperature changes and do not expose them to direct sunlight. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual
-­ Do not stand on the edge of the scales! ­
– Weigh yourself without clothing and footwear, before meals and always at the same time of day. ­
– Do not place the scale on uneven surface or on surface covered with carpet. Unstable or soft surface under the scale can have negative effect on precision of weighing.
-­ In handling the scale, make sure injury of persons or damage of the appliance is prevented.
-­ Do not overload the appliance weight greater than the maximum weight capacity! This prevents damage to the appliance.
-­ Handle the scale with care. Do not throw them or jump on them. The scale is durable, but improper handling can destroy their electronic sensors.
-­ Do not put any objects on the surface of the scale during storing, they could be damaged. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual
-­ If you do not intend to use the scale for a long time, remove battery from them.
-­ Do not use worn and new batteries together and do not use rechargeable accumulators.
-­ If the battery is leaking, remove it immediately; it can damage the scale.
-­ Dispose of a discharged battery in a suitable way (see par. IX. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION).
­ Keep batteries and scale out of reach of children and incapacitated people.
A person, who would swallow the batteries, must seek medical help immediately. ­
– Never use the appliance for any other purpose than for that described in these instructions for use!
-­ Product images are for illustrative purposes only. ­
– The producer is not responsible for damage caused by improper use of the appliance (e.g. breaking the board, etc.) and its guarantee does not cover the appliance in the case of failure to comply with the safety warnings above. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual


Why is knowledge of your weight important?
Overweight or underweight is an important indicator of your health. Overweight can increase the risk of some forms of cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, gall bladder disorders, apnoea and other diseases. Underweight brings with it risks, such as reduced immune system, osteoporosis, females can suffer from amenorrhea which causes infertility etc. Obese people who want to lose weight and very thin people who want to gain weight should consult the treatment method and the diet with their attending physician. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual


A1 -­ Display
A2 ­- weighing board


Remove all the packing material and take the scale out. Remove all possible adhesion foils, stick-on labels or paper from the scale. Switch on the scale by tapping on the board of the scale with your foot and check the displayed weight unit (kg). If you wish to set unit to lb or st, press the MODE switch on the bottom of the scale (Fig. 2). Then put the scale of firm and flat surface (see par. I. SAFETY WARNINGS) Fig. 3. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual

kg = kilogram
lb = pound (British weight unit)
st = stone (American weight unit)
1 kg = 2.2 lb 1
lb = 0.454 kg 1
st = 6.356 kg


Your scale is fine electronic equipment. One of the things that are most difficult to weigh is human body as it is always in motion. If you want to obtain reliable results, always try to step with your feet at the same place on the scale and stand still. Do not move or during weighting and if is possible use the same place for placement of weight. If possible, weigh yourself at the same time of a day (preferably in the morning) to obtain comparable results. Remember that excessive clothes can increase your weight as well as eating and drinking before weighing. Short-term weight fluctuation is generally attributed to loss of liquids. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual

Switch on the scale by tapping on the board of the scale with your foot and wait till ,,0.0″ appears on the display (Fig. 4). When ,,0.0″ appears on the scale, step on them and stand still. After a moment, the measured weight flashes and the value remains displayed for several seconds (Fig. 5). Then the scale are switched off automatically. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual

-­ Never step on the scale before ,,0.0″ is displayed.
-­ The scale is switched on automatically if you do not step on it within approx. 10 seconds after ,,0.0″ is displayed.
-­ We recommend using the scale from about 6 kg of the subject. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual

Replacing batteries
Open the battery cover on the bottom of the scale. Insert a battery with the right polarity and close the cover. Use AAA batteries (2 pcs) for this appliance. If you are not using the appliance for some time, take the batteries out!

-­ Do not combine various types of batteries. Do not even combine used and new batteries together.
-­ Batteries not intended for this purpose must not be charged.
-­ Remove the batteries if you will not be using the appliance for a long time.
-­ The supply terminals must not be short-circuited. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual


If you have problems with weight: eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual
-­ Check whether the battery is inserted properly.
-­ Check whether you selected the proper weight unit.
-­ Check whether the scale is on a flat floor and they do not touch the wall.
-­ If nothing appears on the scale when you want to switch them on by tapping on them or if ,,Lo” appears only, replace the battery.
-­ If ,,Err” appears on the display, the scale was overloaded.
-­ If unusual signs are displayed, remove the insert the battery again.
-­ If signs appear, such as if the display is flashing or if there is a faulty sign, try to move the scale away from the influence of a source of interference or ensure switching off the source for the time of using the scale. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual


After using the scale, put it into the horizontal position (not vertically), out of reach of children and incapacitated people (see par. I. SAFETY WARNINGS).

VIII. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual MAINTENANCE

Do not use coarse and aggressive cleaning agents (e.g. sharp objects, scrapers, diluting agents or other solvents). Clean the board by wiping with a soft wet cloth. Make sure that water does not get inside the appliance. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual

IX. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale Instruction Manual - Recycle icon

If the dimensions allow, there are labels of materials used for production of packing, components and accessories as well as their recycling on all parts. The symbols specified on the product or in the accompanying documentation mean that the used electrical or electronic products must not be disposed of together with municipal waste. For proper disposal, hand them over at special collection places where they will be accepted free of charge. Suitable disposal of the product can help to maintain valuable natural resources and to prevent possible negative impacts on the environment and human health, which could be the possible consequences of improper waste disposal. Ask for more details at the local authorities or at a collection site. Fines can be imposed for improper disposal of this type of waste in agreement with the national regulations. Remove a discharged battery and dispose of it in a suitable and safe way through the special collection networks. Never dispose of the battery by burning!

More extensive maintenance or maintenance requiring intervention in the inner parts of the appliance must be carried out by a professional service! Failure to comply with the instructions of the manufacturer will lead to expiration of the right to guarantee repair! eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual


Weighing range max 180 kg / 396 lb
Discrimination 0.1 kg / 0,2 lb
Operation conditions (°C) +5 up to +40
Protection class of the appliance III.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical specifications and accessories for the respective models. eta 1780 Digital Personal Scale User Manual

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