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EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual

EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual - Information requirement for the electric local space heaters EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual - Information requirement for the electric local space heaters EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual - Information requirement for the electric local space heaters EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual - Information requirement for the electric local space heaters

Thank you
Thank you very much for choosing for a EUROM device. You have made a good choice! We hope you will be satisfied about its functioning. To get maximum profit from your product, it is important to read this manual attentive and totally before use, and to understand what is written. Read especially the safety instructions: they are there to protect you and your environment. Keep the manual in a safe place for future reference. Store also the package: that is the best protection for your product in times of no-use. And if you at any time pass the appliance on, pass on the manual and package too. EUROM EK2000

We wish you a lot of fun with the EK Heater!

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This manual has been complied with the utmost care. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to optimize this manual at any time and to adjust it technically. The image used may differ.


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EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual - Do not cover the deviceDo not cover the device

Technical data

EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual - Technical data

Warning electric cables

Safety warning -­ general

  1. Read the user instructions carefully and completely before using (and installing) this device. Keep the instruction leaflet somewhere safe so that you can consult it and pass it on in future. EUROM EK2000
  2. Before use, check your new device (including cable and plug) for any visible damage. Never use a damaged device but take it back to the supplier for a replacement.
  3. In the event of incorrect usage or installation, there is a risk of electric shocks and/or a fire hazard. EUROM EK2000

Warnings device position

  1. Do not place the device near, under or facing an electrical socket and not in the vicinity of an open fire or heat source. EUROM EK2000
  2. Do not use the device nearby or facing furniture, curtains, paper, clothing, bedding or other flammable materials. Keep at least 1 metre from device!
  3. Do not use the heater outdoors or in areas that are smaller than 15m³.
  4. The device contains hot and/or glowing and sparking components. Do not, therefore, use where fuels, paint, flammable fluids and/or gases are stored. Do not use the device in an environment that poses a fire risk, e.g. near gas tanks, gas pipes or aerosols. This is an explosion and fire risk!
  5. This device is not suitable for wall or ceiling installation. EUROM EK2000
  6. Do not use this device in the immediate vicinity of a bath, shower or swimming pool.
  7. This device is splash-proof but even though it is a mobile device, it is not suitable for use in bathrooms or near a swimming pool. Do not place the device near waterpoints and/or water reservoirs. Make sure that the device cannot fall into water and that it cannot be penetrated by water. If the device does get wet make sure you remove the plug from the socket! Do not use a device that is wet inside but take it to be repaired. Never immerse the device, cable or plug in water or any other fluid and never touch device with wet hands. EUROM EK2000
  8. The air around the device must be able to circulate freely. Never install it too close to walls or large objects and never under a shelf, cupboard, curtains or similar. When locating the device, make sure you have the following minimum free space: Front, minimum free space 100 cm Back, minimum free space 100 cm Sides, minimum free space 100 cm Top, minimum free space 100 cm EUROM EK2000
  9. Always place the unit on a sturdy, flat horizontal surface
  10. The base on which the device is placed must not be made of flammable materials. It must be resistant to temperatures of at least 125°C without burning, melting, deforming or bursting into flames. Check regularly to ensure that the surface is not overheating; this could be dangerous!
  11. Never place the device on surfaces such as beds or deep-pile carpet as openings could be blocked.
  12. Do not place the device near an open window as rain could blow in; do not place on wet surfaces and avoid any liquids being spilt nearby. Do not place the device behind a door or along a walking route to avoid accidental trips. EUROM EK2000

Warnings ­- use

  1. Do not use additions/accessories on the device that have not been supplied or approved by the manufacturer. EUROM EK2000
  2. Only use the device for its intended purpose and in the manner set out in this instruction leaflet.
  3. Some parts of this device will get very hot and could cause burns. You must pay particular attention to children, vulnerable persons and pets that are present near the device. Never leave them alone with a working device. EUROM EK2000
  4. Never cover or block the device; it will overheat and this could lead to a fire risk. Never hang or place objects such as clothing, blankets, cushions, paper, etc. on the device. The minimum distance of 1 metre between the device and flammable materials must always be applied. Ventilation openings should never be blocked as this may pose a fire risk. Never use the device to dry clothing or place anything on it. Do not let anything lean against the device!
  5. Do not set the device to come on automatically using a timer, clock or other facility. You must always check for safe conditions before using the fireplace! Never use the device with an external voltage regulator such as a dimmer or similar, as this could be dangerous! EUROM EK2000
  6. This device is exclusively intended to be used for heating workplaces such as workshops, garages, storage spaces, etc. You must only use the device for this purpose.
  7. The connection voltage and frequency, as given on the device, must correspond to that of the socket to be used. The electrical socket to be used must be an earthed connection. The electrical installation must be protected via a 30 mA earth leakage circuit breaker. The electrical socket that you are using must be to hand at all times in order to be able to remove the plug from the socket in the event of an emergency. EUROM EK2000
  8. To avoid overloading and/or fuses being blown, do not use any other equipment on the same socket or electrical group as the one used for the device.
  9. Unroll the electric cable for the device fully before inserting the plug into the socket and ensure that the electrical cable does not come into contact with the fireplace or get hot. Do not run the electrical cable under carpet, cover with mats, runners or similar and do not place in areas that are walked on frequently. Ensure that it cannot be stepped on and that no furniture is placed on top of it. Do not bend the electrical cable around sharp corners and do not roll up too tightly after use! Prevent the electrical cable coming into contact with oil, solvents and sharp objects. Check the cable and plug regularly for damage. Do not bend or pinch the electrical cable and do not wind it around the device; this could damage the insulation! EUROM EK2000
  10. The use of an extension cable is not advised as this can lead to overheating and fire. If the use of an extension cable is unavoidable, make sure that it is not damaged and that it is an approved extension cable with a minimum diameter of 3×2,5 mm² and a minimum permitted capacity of 2500 Watt (EK2000) / 3500 Watt (EK3000). Always fully extend the cable in order to prevent overheating.
  11. Only connect the device to a fixed socket. Do not use multi-plug adapters or similar. EUROM EK2000
  12. During use, the plug may begin to feel warm; this is normal. If it’s really warm, there may be something wrong with the socket. Please contact your electrician.
  13. Always turn off the device and remove the plug from the power socket: Never turn the device off using the plug!
  14. Prevent foreign objects entering the radiation/ventilation or outlet openings on the device. This may cause electric shock, fire or damage.
  15. Never leave a working device unattended but switch off and then remove the plug from the socket.
  16. Always remove the plug from the socket when the unit is not in use! Always remove plug by pulling on the plug itself; never pull on the electrical cable!
  17. This device gets hot during use. Never touch the device when it is on or shortly thereafter; it could burn you.
  18. Never operate the device with wet hands. EUROM EK2000

Who can use the device

  1. Children younger than 3 must be kept out of the vicinity of the device unless they are continuously supervised. EUROM EK2000
  2. Children between the ages of 3 and 8 may only switch the device on or off if it is set up or installed at its usual location and they are supervised or have received instructions regarding the safe use of the device and understand the corresponding hazards. Children between the ages of 3 and 8 may not insert the plug into the socket, adjust the device settings or clean or maintain it. EUROM EK2000
  3. This device can only be used by children from the age of 8 and elderly persons and persons with diminished physical or mental capacities or a lack of experience and expertise if they are supervised or have received instructions regarding the safe use of the device and understand the corresponding hazards.
  4. Children may not clean or maintain the device without supervision.
  5. Children may not play with the device. EUROM EK2000

Warnings for maintenance

  1. Keep the device clean. Dust, dirt and/or deposits in the device often lead to overheating. Ensure that this type of build-up is regularly removed.
  2. Always switch the device off, remove plug from socket and let the device cool down before you:
    – clean the device
    – users – maintain the device.
    – touch or move the device.
  3. Never switch the device on if you have noticed damage to the device itself, the cable or plug or if it does not work properly, makes strange noises, smells odd or you can see smoke, or if it has fallen or shows any other signs of damage. Remove the plug from the socket immediately. Take the entire device back to your supplier or a recognised electrician to be checked and/or repaired. Always ask for original parts to be used.
  4. The device may only be opened and/or repaired by a competent and qualified person. Do not carry our your own repairs as this could be dangerous! Repairs carried out by unauthorised persons or changes made to the device could damage the dust/waterproof capacity of the device and will nullify the guarantee and the manufacturer’s liability.
  5. If the electrical cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, their service department or somebody with similar qualifications in order to prevent creating a hazard. Failing to adhere to points 3, 4, 5, could lead to damage, fire and/or personal injury. They will invalidate the guarantee and the supplier, importer and/or manufacturer shall not be liable for the consequences. EUROM EK2000


EUROM EK heaters are `real space’ heaters, with a powerful fan which disseminates a great deal of air. Cold air is sucked in at the back, heated, and then blown out as hot air. Because a relatively large quantity of air is sucked in and blown out, the air expelled by the heater does not feel particularly hot. As a great deal of air is heated and blown out, however, the entire space (not just the air around the heater!) is gradually warmed up. EUROM EK2000

Control panel

Control panel EK2000
The EK2000 control panel consists of two dials:

EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual - Control panel

  • The mode selector dial with 4 positions is located on the left. From top to bottom:
    – O or off
    – 650W power
    – 1300W power
    – 2000W power
  • The continuously adjustable thermostat dial is located on the right. EUROM EK2000

Control panel EK3000
The EK3000 control panel consists of two dials:

EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual - Control panel EK3000

  • The mode selector dial with 4 positions is located on the left.
    From top to bottom:
    – O or off
    – fan only
    – 1500W power
    – 300W power
  • The continuously adjustable thermostat dial is located on the right. EUROM EK2000

Location and Connection

  • Remove all packaging material and keep out of reach of children. After removing packaging, check the appliance for damage or other signs that could indicate a fault/defect/malfunction. In case of doubt, do not use the appliance, but contact your vendor for inspection or replacement.
  • Select a suitable location for the device taking into account all the aforementioned warnings in this manual.
  • Make sure the heater is switched off (switch to O position), then plug into a correctly functioning 230V-50Hz socket. Only connect the heater to an earthed socket! EUROM EK2000

Set-up and Operation

If the heater is being used for the first time (or if you want to reset the desired temperature), turn the thermostat dial to the maximum position (clockwise as far as it goes). With the mode selector dial, adjust the heater to suit your preferences. Once the temperature in the area being heated has reached the right level, slowly turn the thermostat dial anticlockwise until you hear a soft click; leave the dial in that position. The heater will automatically maintain the temperature at this level. It does this by switching the heating elements off and on when the temperature rises or falls too much. Note! After the thermostat has switched the heating elements off, the fan will keep turning. This means that the air is constantly moved, allowing the heater to accurately detect if the area is cooling down. The thermostat dial is continuously adjustable. A higher temperature is set by turning it clockwise; a lower temperature by turning it anticlockwise. EUROM EK2000

Safety features

In case of internal overheating, the overheating safeguard will switch the heater off. If this occurs, immediately turn the mode selector dial to O, unplug and allow heater to cool down for at least 10 minutes. EUROM EK2000

Reset button
EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual - Reset buttonYou must now reset the device by firmly pressing the reset button on the top of the device.

In theory, the heater can now be used as normal. There is, however, generally a reason for an appliance overheating. This may be because the heater cannot adequately release its heat or take in fresh air (because the heater is covered, the grills are blocked, the heater is placed too near a wall etcetera). Before using the heater again, therefore, remove or adjust whatever caused the appliance to overheat. If you cannot find the cause and overheating recurs, stop using the heater and contact your vendor or a certified electrician for inspection/repair. Overheating poses a serious fire risk! EUROM EK2000

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keep the heater clean. Deposits of dust and dirt in the appliance are a common cause of overheating so these should be removed regularly. Switch off the heater, remove the plug from the socket and allow the heater to cool down before cleaning or carrying out maintenance work. EUROM EK2000

  • Wipe the outside of the heater regularly with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Do not use aggressive soaps, sprays, cleaners or abrasives, waxes, polishes or chemical solutions!
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or compressor to carefully remove any dust and dirt from the grills and ensure that the air intake and outlet openings are clean. Be careful not to touch or damage any internal parts during cleaning!
  • The heater contains no other parts which need maintenance.
  • At the end of the season, store the cleaned heater in the original packaging if possible. Store upright in a cool, dry and dust-free place. EUROM EK2000


EUROM EK2000 Electric Fan Heater Instruction Manual - Disposal iconAt its end of life, discard the device according to the local laws and regulations, or deliver the device to your supplier.

Kokosstraat 20
8281 JC Genemuiden
The Netherlands
[email protected]

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