Usually, for the devices reference sheets contain specifications, reset instructions and the usage of basic help. There are some instructions that extend it to provide repair and maintenance tips, others may be a brief set of ‘quick start tips’. To get up and run with a device you need to know some things necessary.

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Conventionally user manuals are provided in a PDF format but this framework maybe difficult to use with a low-bandwidth connection or on a mobile device. wearily imitate these PDF documents into regular webpages on many subjects so that users can read them better on the device of their choice. This makes many documents more accessible and searchable to the screen reader than the conventional framework. Below each imitated post as well as under the reference you will also find links to the original file which can be downloaded later. You also can open it with your favorite web browser or PDF viewer such as ‘Adobe Acrobat’. is a collection of user manuals, instruction guides, data-sheets, and specifications for electronics products. We are adding new manuals to our collection every day and trying to make easily searchable databases for electronics products.