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1. Introduction

The TERXON L operating panels are defined for the TERXON L intruder alarm system. The operating panel has an integrated chip-key reader. The 2-line LCD display of the operating panel shows the functions, the system state and the alarm messages.

2. Installation

  1. Make sure that the power supply (mains and battery) are both disconnected from the system.
  2. Open the casing by unscrewing the base.
  3.  Use the base as a drilling template and then thread the cables through.
  4. Fix the base to the intended location using appropriate screws.
  5. Connect all cables and set the jumpers and switches as described on the next page.
  6. Clamp the base to the operating panel and screw it tight Abus TERXON LX LCD.

The TERXON-L operating panel has a coil that enables it to be activated /deactivated with a proximity chip-key. The coil works with a low radio frequency and has a circular detection area of about 120mm around the operating panel. Proximity chip-keys can be detected by wood, stone, plaster, glass and plastic.

3. Abus TERXON LX LCD Components and Wiring

Abus TERXON LX LCD-BEDIEN­TEIL User Manual - Components and Wiring

  1. PROG
    As a factory default, the PROG jumper is plugged off. When the jumper is placed, an extended BUS protocol will be transmitted to the panel.
    Note: The mains power LED lights up when 12V is connected. A main fault is shown as an alarm on the operating panel Abus TERXON LX LCD.
    If this jumper is connected, the red LED of the operating panel lights up when the output is switched. As a factory default, the output is set to “Pending”, where the LED lights up if there are two alarm messages. Remove the jumper if the LED is not to be used.
    Change the address of the operating panels to 1, 2, 3 or 4 by connecting the individual jumpers. If you do not connect the jumper, this defines address 5. The number of operating panels depends on the type of wiring and the network number. For further information, see the installation instructions. An address can only be defined once. After changing an address, the voltage supply must be reconnected.
  4. Zone wiring (optional)
    The operating panel supports the DEOL (FSL) wiring of two zones. Connecting sensor with and without masking is possible. For wiring hints, please see the installation instructions of the alarm Centre. The contacts of the sensors are usually NC (normally closed); if you want NO (normally open), you have to invert the corresponding zones Abus TERXON LX LCD.
    Note: If the operating panel is connected to an 8-zone wired extension, the zones cannot be used.
    Note: If the sensor’s voltage supply is to flow via the operating panel, two extra leads are needed for the connections to connectors A (+12V DC) and B (0V) (see Installation Instructions).
  5. Connecting the outputs (optional)
    In the factory setting, the O/P (transistor) is connected to 12V DC and switches to 0V if the output is activated. This output can be inverted during programming if necessary.
    Abus TERXON LX LCD-BEDIEN­TEIL User Manual - Connecting the outputs
  6. Wiring to panel/extension
    Normally an 8 x 0.22 mm² alarm cable is used. Use screened cables in areas with interference frequencies (see Installation Instructions) Abus TERXON LX LCD.
    Abus TERXON LX LCD-BEDIEN­TEIL User Manual - Wiring to panel extension
    If the output of the operating panel is programmed as type “Sndr Ctl” and the jumper is connected, the loudspeaker sounds for selected partitions only. For further information, see the Installation Instructions Abus TERXON LX LCD.
    Without jumper (default) – The lighting of the display and the number keys is switched off. If a key is pressed, the lighting switches on at full strength for 5 seconds.
  9. Volume adjustment
    Use this potentiometer to adjust the volume of the internal signaling device and the connected loudspeakers.
    Connecting loudspeakers (optional)
    External 16 Ohm loudspeakers (in series with internal loudspeaker) Abus TERXON LX LCD.

Abus TERXON LX LCD-BEDIEN­TEIL User Manual - Volume adjustment

4. Technical Data

Abus TERXON LX LCD-BEDIEN­TEIL User Manual - Technical Data

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