DUCABIKE CTC01 Chain Adjuster User Manual

DUCABIKE CTC01 Chain Adjuster Installation Guide

DUCABIKE CTC01 Chain Adjuster Installation Guide - Product Overview

DUCABIKE LogoTerms of use, necessary precautions and disclaimer:
All Ducabike-Performance Technology products made and/or sold, dealing with the purchase Agreement, are designed and meant to be used only in private roads closed to the public traffic or for a racing use in closed tracks, they are not therefore provided with homologation. Customers buying the above mentioned products, which intend to use them on a public street, must require in advance the homologation (or an updated registration) to their country’s competent authority, otherwise, they acknowledge to be in breach of the law of the country in which they are using the above mentioned products and, consequently, they take charge of the liability arising from the inappropriate use, thereon, the vendor takes no responsibility in case of fine, penalty or damage which may occur to the customer and user.

Installation and mounting:
We recommend to have the installation and mounting of the parts to be done by qualified mechanics or specialized mechanical stores. The company take no responsibility for damage occurring to things and/or people in case of wrong and inaccurate installation.

Cleaning and service:
Do not use chemical products such as: alkaline degreaser or acids, for they can be harmful to the anodized surface, use only mild soaps and avoid the utilization of pressure washers.

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