DS18 Candy XXL1B Owner’s Manual

DS18 Candy XXL1B Owner's Manual

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instructions for functions and controlsDS18 Candy XXL1B Owner's Manual - instructions for functions and controls

  1. HIGH INPUT – High level input terminal.
    Pass-Throughputs: When input audio signal from HIGH INPUT port can start amplifier working directly instead of using REM cable from POWER.
  2. LOW INPUT Left and right channels inputs of the amplifier system. Preamplifier outputs of a source (head unit, CD player, DAT, etc.) or of an external electronic crossover must be connected to them.
  3. GAIN – Knob for volume adjustment.
  4. BASS BOOST-The Boost range from 0dB to 18dB.
  5. BASS FREQUENCY-The boost frequency range from 40Hz to 100Hz.
  6. LPF – Low pass frequency adjusting knob, the frequency range from 50Hz to 150Hz.
  7. PHASE CONTROL – Phase adjusting switch, the phase ranges from 0°~180°.
  8. REMOTE CONTROLLER OUTLET – To be connected with the remote controller, which helps to boost the gain. Please turn the knob of volume to be
    maximum before using the remote.
  9. REMOTE CONTROLLER – Volume Level Knob, the Gain range from 0.2V to +6V.
  10. INDICATOR LIGHTS – When power LED send out blue light, it means that this amplifier have being working now. When protection LED send out red light, it means that the self-protection of the amplifier.
  11. GND – Ground terminal. Connect to the car chassis. Keep the length of the ground cable to a minimum.
  12. REM Terminal to be connected with Remote cable, which come from the source and which control the amplifier switching on. Applied voltage must be
    between 10 and 15V DC.
  13. +12V – Anode of power connection terminals. Connect to the anode of car battery.
  14. FUSE – Standard automatic fuse, you must use the same power fuse if you need to change it.
  15. SPEAKER Speaker connecting terminal.

electrical connectionDS18 Candy XXL1B Owner's Manual - electrical connection

specifications DS18 Candy XXL1B Owner's Manual - specifications

system wiring – 2 SPEAKER configurationDS18 Candy XXL1B Owner's Manual - system wiring - 2 SPEAKER configuration

system wiring – SINGLE SPEAKER configurationDS18 Candy XXL1B Owner's Manual - system wiring - SINGLE SPEAKER configuration


Before removing your amplifier, refer to the list below and follow the suggested procedures. Always test the speakers and their wires first.

Check for good ground connection.
Check that remote DC terminal has at least 10V DC.
Check that there is battery power on the+ terminal.
Check all FUSES.
Check that Protection LED is not Iit. If it is lit, shut off amplifier briefly and then re power it.

Disconnect all RCA inputs to the amplifier, if hiss/noise disappears, then plug in the component driving the amplifier and unplug its inputs. If hiss / noise disappears, go on until the faulty / noisy component is found. It is best to set the amplifier input level as insensitive as possible. The best subjective S/N ratio is obtainable this way. Try to drive as high a signal level from the head unit as possible.
Check for shorts on speaker leads.
Check that volume control on the head unit is turned down low.
Remove speaker leads, and reset the amplifier. If the Protection LED still comes on, then the amplifier is faulty.
The amplifier will shut down automatically when the units· temperature goes up to 85°C This will protect the units from damage.
Check that the minimum speaker impedance for that model is correct. Check for speaker shorts.
Check that there is good airflow around the amplifier. In some applications, an external cooling fan may be required.
Check that the Level control’s is set to match the signal level of the head unit.
Check that all crossover frequencies have been properly set.
Check for shorts on the speaker leads.
This is always caused by a poorly grounded RCA patch cord.


  1. Over high volume will damage your speakers.
  2. Be cautious when you use the amplifier near gasoline tank and electric wires.
  3. Protect the connecting wires and parts to avoid any damage or short circuit.
  4. The power must be lee from the anode of the battery via FUSE.
  5. The sound system must be in turning-off situation when you check the amplifier.
  6. Be sure that you use the same type of FUSE when you need to replace it .

* We reserve the right to make needed change or improvement to the product, without informing customer about this in advance.

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