iCsee WF60HA Camera User Manual

Operation manual

  1. Please download operate apps ” iCsee ” for camera as the below instruction.
  1.  Android Phone. Go to your google play store to search” iCsee ” to download
  2.  Apple Phone, Go to your app store to search ” iCsee ” to download
  3.  Or scan the OR code directly to download the apps
iCsee WF60HA Camera - oparation mannual

2.Please power on the camera. Then you will hear
“System starting up.waiting to be configured

Device Network Configuration

1.User Login (Figure 1)

A. Sign Up to Login
B. Use “local login” for quick login(Not Suggested!This login will not get any alert or push message)

iCsee WF60HA Camera - Device Network Configuration

2.Click ” + ” to add the camera (Figure 2)

3 .Click ” Set up my device to Wi-Fi ” (Figure 3)

iCsee WF60HA Camera - Set up my device to Wi-Fi


4.Go with “Next Step” to setup your WIFI (Figure 4)

5.Filled with your wifi name and password. Then ” confirm ” (Figure 5)

iCsee WF60HA Camera - Next Step


6. Go with Device Searching to connecting with camera (Figure 6)

Attentation:Please make sure the camera is close to the phone to be connected

7. During the connection,then the camera will say”Connecting, please waiting”(Figure 7)

iCsee WF60HA Camera - Connecting please wait


8. After hearing “Connected successfully” Then set password for your camera (Figure 8)

9. Setup the Name for your camera (Figure 9)


iCsee WF60HA Camera - (Figure 8)

10. Then you could view your camera on your phone View / operate your camera (Figure 10)

A. Alarm/Message Alert Setup (Figure 11)

1.Please go the setting(See figure)
2.Go to the “Alarm setting”

iCsee WF60HA Camera - Alarm setting


B. Alarm setting (Figure 12)

1.Open Alarm

2.Choose:Alarm Action way. Photo and video taken, or Deving beep

3.Alarm Push.You will get a alert Push.

4.You could choose Message Ignore or Not

iCsee WF60HA Camera - Open Alarm


C. Message:If Alarm Push have been setup as the above. Then alert message will be sent when any motion dected, You could see all push message here with details (Figure 13)

iCsee WF60HA Camera - (Figure 13)


11. Type it to view the video right now (Figure 14)

iCsee WF60HA Camera User Manual


1. Factory Reset: After press the reset button, then you will hear ” Rest factory waiting, please don’t power off ”

iCsee WF60HA Camera - . Factory Reset


2. “Offline” Mean
(A) Check Power: Low/No power for the doorbell
(B) Check WIFI: Bad WIFI connection
(C) Camera have been reset

If Power and WIFI is good, And it still go with offline,
Then reset the doorbell to connect again.

How to insert TF card

1.Please unscrew the speaker cover of the camera. See the below picture.

iCsee WF60HA Camera - How to insert TF card


2.Turn off the cover, then you will find the SD card slot If it is covered by cable, please take away the cable to insert the SD card.

iCsee WF60HA Camera - Turn off the cover


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Download Manual PDF

iCsee WF60HA Camera Manual User Manual PDF Download

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