KS Dolce 7375 Wandlamp User Manual

KS Dolce 7375 Wandlamp Instruction Manual

Assembly and installation instructions

  • The light fitting must be installed by a qualified electrician. The main supply must be disconnected at the fuse box before starting installation. Before starting with installation, use a voltage tester to make sure the wiring is off circuit. You also need to ensure that in relation to the earthing on the electrical lead the local regulations are observed.
  • Drill holes in the wall. Then insert the plugs. Put the cable from the wall through the Hole in the back plate.
  • Attach the wires. Prevent humidity on all components. Make sure there is a watertight seal. Keep the correct colors in track: Blue lead = Neutral (N) Brown – Black lead = Live (L) Yellow/ Green lead = Earth ( ). The earth wire (yellow / green) is to be connected to the earth screw / wire of the armature. You can screw the lamp holder on the back plate.
  • Make sure you put a light bulb corresponding to the type and wattage as indicated on the packaging. Then you can place the lamp over the screws in the wall.
  • Please use gloves before placing the glass, because of possible sharp edges. Place the glasses in the lamp.
  • Switch on the main supply. The light is now ready for use.
    Maintenance requirements: It is recommended that the surface is rubbed regularly with a neutral oil or water without cleaning agents and then wiped with a soft cloth. Keep the armature free from a salty environment, coastal location and an acid free environment, this affects the armature. Rub it regularly with Carwash, it ensures a longer lifetime of the armature. In case of damage or fracture of the protective glass, replace the glass directly to insure the IP value. Make sure when replacing the lamp that the power is off and the lamp has cooled down.

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