Pyle Digital Manometer PDMM01 User Manual

Pyle Digital Manometer PDMM01 User Manual


The device measures Gauge/Differential Pressure from -55 H20 to +55 H20 (+2 psi). It features 11 selectable units of measure: in H2 0, psi, bar, mbar, Kpa, InHg, mmHg, ozin2, FtH2 0, cmH2 0, kgcm, Additional features include Data Hold and Auto Power Off disabled. Careful use of this meter will provide years of reliable service Pyle Digital Manometer .


Pyle Digital Manometer PDMM01 User Manual - Specifications

Display – Dual LCD
Accuracy – ±0.3%FSO(25°C)
Repeatability – ±0.2%(Max+/-0.5%FSO)
Linearity/Hysteresis – ±0.29% FSO
Maximum Pressure – 10psi
Response Time – 0.5Seconds typical
Low Battery Indicator – Yes
Over Range Indicator – Err.1
Under Range Indicator – Err.2
Operating Conditions – 32°F to 122°F(0 to 50°C)
Storage Conditions – 14°F to 140FO(-1 to 60°C)
Power Supply – 1 X 9V Battery (included) or External 9VDC
Standard Accessories – Pouch &.Tubing

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Pyle Digital Manometer PDMM01 User Manual - Button

The meter has six buttons.

  1. UNITS
  2. DIF
  3. HOLD
  4. ON/OFF
    A. REC

Display Description

  1. Hold Function
  2. Differential Mode
  3. Primary Data Screen
  4. Record Mode
  6. Low Battery Indicator
  7. Pressure Unit Indicator
  8. Relative Time Clock

Pyle Digital Manometer PDMM01 User Manual - Display Description

Pyle Digital Manometer Operation

  1. Power
    Press the ON/OFF button to turn power on or off. The meter will perform a short self-test when turned on. The meter defaults to the setting used during the last operation Pyle Digital Manometer .
  2. Zero Adjust and Offset
    Before use and without fittings attached to the meter, press the HOLD button for more than 2 seconds to zero the meter. The meter will reset and display “000” from right to left. 0.000 will be display.
    If it is desired to offset the meter and display, press the DIF button while taking a measurement subsequent reading will be the difference between the current measurement and the measurement that was on the display when the DIF button was pressed.
  3. Data Hold
    Press the HOLD button momentarily to freeze the displayed reading the HOLD icon will appear on the upper left-hand side of the display. press the HOLD button again to return to normal operation.
  4. Pyle Digital Manometer Record
    The MAX/MIN mode allows the user to view only the highest (MAX), lowest (MIN) or average (AVG) readings with relative time stamp.
  • 1. Press the REC button once and REC appears on the display (All other Functions are locked out except for Power & Backlight). The relative time clock also appears in the secondary display and starts counting.
  • 2. Press the REC button again and MAX appears on the display. The Display is now showing the maximum pressure and relative time it was recorded.
  • 3. Press the REC button to display the minimum MIN reading with the relative time
  • 4. Press the REC button to display the average value AVG reading with the relative time.
  • 5 . Press the REC button again to continue recording MIN / MAX/ AVG measurements
  • 6. To exit the MINIMAXI AVG mode, press the REC button for 3 seconds to return to normal operation.
  • 7. Backlight Display
    Press the Backlight button to turn on the backlight. It will remain on for 40 seconds.
  • 8. Automatic Power OFF
    The meter will automatically shut off after 20 minutes to conserve battery life.
    To disable Auto Power OFF, hold down the hold button and turn on the meter, an “n” will appear in the display indicating that Auto Power OFF mode is disabled. The meter will return to normal operation when it is turned off Pyle Digital Manometer.
  • 9. Units
    Press the Unit button momentarily and the meter will cycle through the 11
    available units of measure as indicated by the cursor on the button of the display.

Error Codes
An error message will appear on the display if the meter fails an internal diagnostic test Pyle Digital Manometer .

  1. Err. 1: Pressure value is over the range.
  2. Err. 2: Pressure value is below the range.
  3. Err. 3: DIF function, the differential pressure value is over range.
  4. Err. 4: DIF function, the differential pressure value is below range.

Battery Replacement
When the battery power falls low, “BAT” will appear on the LCD. Replace the 9V battery.

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