UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual

Product Overview

Thank you for purchasing the new LM60T laser tape. In order to use this product safely and correctly, please read this manual thoroughly, especially the Safety Instructions part.

LM60T is a 2 in 1 multifunctional tool that combines tape measurement and laser measurement. This product conforms to the MID II standard accuracy. It has a strong blade with 1.8m standout. It also has a magnetic hook to measure metal materials conveniently, and a tape lock to draw back the tape safely.

⚠ Safety Instructions

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - Safety Instructions


a. Do not direct the laser beam at persons and do not look directly into the laser beam. Do not use the optics lens to stare into the laser beam.
b. This product complies with strict standards and regulations, but the possibility of interference with other equipment cannot be completely ruled out, and it may cause discomfort to humans and animals.
* Do not use this product in an explosive or corrosive environment.
* Do not use this product near medical equipment.
* Do not use this product on an airplane.

1) Waste disposal:
Do not dispose of used batteries together with domestic garbage. Dispose of them at the designated garbage collection station instead.
This product cannot be recycled with domestic garbage. Please dispose of it according to the laws and regulations of the country/region.
2) Limitation of liability:
Our company will not be responsible for any loss caused by using the instrument not in accordance with this manual, using third-party accessories or modifying the instrument.

Charging instructions

This product has a built-in lithium battery. Please use the original USB cable to plug into a power socket to charge, or connect to a computer for charging, but ii will take longer.

During the charging process, the product may heat up, which is a normal phenomenon and will not affect its performance and service life. If the charger is not used for a long time, please unplug it.

Product Appearance

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - Product Appearance

  1. Menu
    Short press to switch between measurement modes. Long press to view the historical measurement data and short press again to view the next data.
  2. Measure
    Short press to take a measurement.
    Long press to switch to continuous measurement. UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap
  3. Unit conversion/measurement reference
    Short press to convert units: m/ft/in/”‘. Long press to switch the measurement reference.
    * The front reference is the side of the magnetic hook.
    * The rear reference is the side of the power button.
  4. Tapelock
    Press the tape lock to control the speed of drawing back the tape.
  5. Power
    Long press to power on/off. Short press to return to the previous step. UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap
  6. Micro USB interface
  7. Metal buckle
  8. Tape/magnetic hook
  9. Display
  10. Laser receiving aperture
  11. Laser emission aperture

LCD Indicators/Icons

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - LCD Indicators

  1. Battery status
  2. Measurement reference (front/rear reference) UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap
  3. Historical measurement data
  4. Current measurement data

Laser Measurement

1) Single measurement
When the product is turned on, it will enter into the single measurement mode by default. Aim the laser at the measurement target and press ◄◄MEAs, and the measured value will show on the screen. Press ◄◄MEAs again to take the next measurement. UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - Single measurement

2) Continuous measurement
Long press ◄◄ MEAS to enter into the continuous measurement mode. Move the laser tape left and right or up and down. Press ◄◄ MEAS to stop measuring. UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - Continuous measurement

3) Area measurement

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - Area measurement

4) Volume measurement

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - Volume measurement

5) Two-point Pythagorean measurement

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - Two point Pythagorean measurement

Tape Measurement

1) Movable hook
The movable hook is a professional design used for zero point correction to ensure the measurement accuracy.

Measurement method A: inside measurement Take the outer surface of the hook as the base point of zero scale. The hook will move backward and retract slightly after being supported. The retracted length is the thickness of the hook. UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap
Measurement method B: outside measurement Take the inner side of the hook as the base point of zero scale. After the hook is hooked, it will move backward slightly.

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - Movable hook

2) Magnetic hook
It can be attached to metal materials to measure the length. UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - Magnetic hook

3) Tape lock
Press the tape lock to draw back the tape slowly, and release it to stop drawing back. UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap

UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap User Manual - Tape lock


Product nameLaser tape
Tape range5m
Tape accuracyGrade II
Tape coating thickness0.13mm
Magnetic hook
Brake switch materialABS
Braking methodAutomatically lock
Metal buckle
Laser range0.2-60m
Laser accuracy±(2.0mm+5x 10-50)
Laser classClass 2
Laser type630-670nm, < 1mW
Single measurement
Continuous measurement
Area measurement
Volume measurement
Two-point Pythagorean measurement
Measurement referenceFront/rear reference
Battery life5000 measurements
Battery status
Built-in lithium battery350mAh
Historical measurement data20 groups
Laser auto off30s
Auto power off3 minutes
Product size85*56.3*81 .5mm
Product weight300g
  1. Range
    The range takes the rear reference as a reference by default. The maximum range will change according to different models and versions. The actual range is shown in the outer packaging of the product. UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap
  2. Accuracy (D is the measured length)
    Under good measurement conditions (measurement surface, room temperature, indoor light, etc.), the rated range can be reached . Under poor measurement conditions, such as excessive light, weak reflection on the surface of the measured object, or excessive temperature difference, the error will increase.

Note: In the case of poor sunlight or target reflection, please use a sight vane or a better reflective surface. UNI-T LM60T Laser Tap


204Calculation errorFollow the user manual to operate again.
220Low batteryPlease replace the battery or charge the product.
255Weak received reflected light or overlong measurement timeImprove the reflective surface ( use reflector, white paper, etc.).
256Strong received signalImprove the reflective surface (use reflector, or do not aim at strong light).
261Over rangePlease measure within the range of the product.
500Hardware malfunctionIf the same problem still occurs after turning the product on/off multiple times, please contact the dealer.

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