Adexa YA-809 Bloating Machine User Manual

Adexa YA-809 Bloating Machine User Manual

Read this manual carefully prior to use Technology is subject to change without further notice

WARNING: Our Company will not be responsible for any accidents caused by disobeying operation rules and neglecting operation items.

This product has features of original and larruping design, reasonable structure, small volume, beautiful figure, even rotate speed, less noise, big output moment, big capacity, and good containment, fast bloating and saving energy. It can bloat many kinds of meat and other food with features of no distortion, even taste and good colour.

A. Function

  1. This product has time setting controller, each time it bloats meat for about twelve minuets.
  2. There is waterproof apparatus (device) in electric part. 3. This product with the function of the vacuum curing .

B. Basic parameter


C. Usage condition

The altitude is not higher than 1000M;temperature of environment is not higher than 40;Voltage of power supply is not over 5%; frequency of power supply is not over±1%; Capacity is not more than 30KG.

D. Transportation and storage

During transpiration, the machine should be careful handled and prevent from shaking, collision and being cover. It should be put in a ventilated warehouse without causticity gas. And it should not be put up side down.

E. Attention of installation

  1. This machine should be placed on a stable place, its two sides are recommended to be put more than 10CM from any obstacles. Operator should be away 30cm from the machine while it is running in case of the machine hurts people.
  2. Please check whether the rotating container is impacted, if not, do not turn on the machine.
  3. Do not put the hand on the rotating container while the machine is working. Do not open the cover of the container until it stops rotating.
  4. The earth wire of this machine must be done by professionals. Do not let people who are not electricians open the cover of electric box in the case of getting an electric shock
  5. The electric connection of this machine must be done by professionals. Do not let people who are not electricians open the cover of electric box in the case of getting an electric shock.

F. Ways of operation

  1. Uncover the cover of container by unplugs the handle upwards and circumvolves 90°and lifts it up. Put food and materials of bloating into the container and cover it(Mind: level with rubber).Then rotate 90°and press handle counter direction till it is impacted
  2. Turn on power switch and press the START button: the machine runs. Press the STOP button, the machine stops working. If not, the machine will stop in 12minute automatically. Open the cover and pour the completed food out of the container.
  3. Ask the professional to adjust time for bloating different food. Open the cover of electric box and adjust time relay to different time position according to the time of bloating.

G. Cleaning and maintenance

  1. Cut off power while cleaning in case of accident.
  2. Clean the surface and container with cleaner that is not corrosive after a day working.

Warning: Do not spray water on electric button

I Troubleshooting

Stop rotating
  1. Fuse is burned
  2. Motor is burned
  3. Transmission strap is broken.
  4. Overload.
Lighten load
It can not stop rotating automatically after getting through
power 12minutes
Time relay is brokenRepair or change
There is some mechanical sound
  1. There is no lube in reducer of electric box
  2. Out transmission rubber is damaged
Infuse lube Change transmission rubber,
Container is leakedSealed ring is not sealed or used
for too long
Change sealed ring

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