Logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse User Manual

logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse User Guide
logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse User Guide - What's in the box


  1. Orientate the DPI Shift to fit your preference or replace it by the button cover to extend the grip surface.logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse User Guide - Orientate the DPI Shift to fit your preference
  2. Plug the USB-A cable into your PC.logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse User Guide - Plug the USB-A cable into your PC
  3. Download Logitech G HUB gaming software to personalize your G502 X mouse. Fine tune to suit your playstyle, personality and each of your games, assign commands to any of the 13 controls, and more.
logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse User Guide - Download Logitech G HUB gaming software



logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse User Guide - MOUSE FEATURES
  1. Left click (Button G1)
  2. Right click (Button G2)
  3. DPI up (Button G8)
  4. Scroll up
  5. Scroll left (Wheel tilt left)
  6. Scroll right (Wheel tilt right)
  7. Middle click (Button G3)
  8. Scroll down
  9. DPI Shift (Button G6)
  10. Wheel mode toggle button (not programmable)
  11. DPI down (Button G7)
  12. Profile cycling (Button G9)
  13. Forward (Button G5)
  14. Back (Button G4)
  15. On / Off switch (bottom of mouse, not programmable)
  16. POWERPLAYTM Aperture door wireless receiver storage


Up to 5 Onboard memory profiles can be unlocked and customized in G HUB.


Report Rate
DPI steps colors
Default DPI
G6 button


1 ms
800, 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200
1: White 2: Orange 3: Teal 4: Yellow 5: Magenta
DPI Shift to 800
2 msno changes
800, 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200no changes
1: White 2: Orange 3: Teal 4: Yellow 5: Magenta 
1600no changes
G-Shift (see right column)no changes


Left Main Button
Right Main Button
Middle Wheel Button
G4 Button
G5 Button
G7 Button
G8 Button
G9 Button
Scroll right (wheel tilt right)
Scroll left (wheel tilt left)
Wheel Scroll Up
Wheel Scroll Down
Left click – system/application
Right click – system/application
Wheel click/press – system/application
Side button – system/application
(commonly used backwords)
Side button – system/application
(commonly used backwords)
DPI Down
Profile cycle
Tilt Right- system/application
Tilt left- system/application
Scroll Up – system/application
Scroll Down – system/application
Left click – system/applicationno changes
Right click – system/applicationno changes
Wheel click/press – system/applicationCtrl-T — opening a new tab in browser
Side button -system/ application (commonly used backwords)no changes
Side button – system/ application (commonly used backwords)no changes
DPI DownCtrl-X
DPI UpCtrl-Z
Profile cycleCtrl-0
Tilt Right- system/applicationCtrl-Tab
Tilt left- system/applicationCtrl-Xhift-Tab
Scroll Up – system/applicationVolume Up
Scroll Down – system/applicationVolume Down


logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse User Guide - PROFILE, DPI SELECTION AND DPI SHIFT

When the DPI Shift button is pressed: the mouse displays the color associated with the DPI shift speed, when released the mouse displays the DPI setting color that was used prior to this action.
DPI and profile selection are communicated using lighting on the top and the rear of the mouse. DPI change is expressed by different steady colors, while profile change is displayed by different blinking colors.


My G502 X Plus and LIGHTSPEED mouse shows incorrect LED status while the system is in sleep mode

This is expected behavior as the device will try to send a remote wake up signal to the computer. However, it can’t wake up the system since it’s in hibernation. Because of this, it’s possible that the LED notification lags or shows an inconsistent status.

I have paired my G502 X Plus/LIGHTSPEED mouse to my keyboard but it reconnects to the original receiver while charging

his happens because the primary function of the mouse is to establish a connection with the original receiver. We recommend unplugging the mouse receiver when you initiate the 2:1 pairing and keep it unplugged while keyboard and mouse are paired with a single receiver.

My G502 X does not show up on G HUB automatically when connected via USB

This is expected if the mouse is in sleep mode. To make it recognised in the G HUB product list you may need to move or click the mouse.

Why are the button clicks loud on my G502 X?

The feel and sound of the LIGHTFORCE Hybrid Switch is by design.
The G502 X’s LIGHTFORCE Hybrid Switch combines both the speed and durability of an optical switch with the tactile feel of a mechanical switch.


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