Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with
Lamp User Manual

Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with Lamp User Guide

Dear Customer,
You have chosen a high-quality product. To ensure that you get a lot of enjoyment from this product, here are a few more tips:

In case of any problems:
We hope that the unit meets your expectations! If, despite the greatest possible care, there should ever be cause for complaint, please contact us briefly, as we are very concerned about your satisfaction and would like to clear up any misunderstanding.

Important safety instructions:

– Please note that the radiant heater can become very hot during operation, so keep a sufficient distance at all times. In particular, keep away from flammable or easily combustible objects! Never touch the radiant heater during operation!
– Do not place/mount the radiant heater directly next to a power socket !
– It is recommended to use a separate power source (socket) to supply the radiant heater.
(Please do not use multiple sockets for operating the radiant heater). Furthermore, please ensure that the power cable is always laid with sufficient distance to the heat source.
– Supervise the radiant heater when children are near the appliance !
– Watch out for electricity, never walk into or insert objects into the appliance !
– Do not place any objects on or directly under the radiant heater !
– Please ensure sufficient space/clearance around the unit !
– Only qualified personnel or electricians are allowed to open the unit !
– Make sure that no moisture gets into the unit !
– The radiant heater must not be used in the direct vicinity of bathtubs, washbasins or swimming pools !
– Only use the recommended voltage for operating the unit !
– Make sure that the power cable is unfolded (untied) before connecting it to the socket !
– Make sure that the plug is cleanly and properly connected to the socket before using the appliance !
– Never reach near the plug or socket with wet hands !
– Do not repair defective or damaged cables on the unit yourself, you could get a severe electric shock !
– Make sure that highly flammable substances (e.g. gases/oils etc.) are never in the vicinity of the unit !
– Ensure that the area on and around the unit remains free of dust, cobwebs and similar dirt at all times to prevent accidental ignition (fire) !
– If the connecting cable of this appliance is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its after-sales service or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid hazards.
– This appliance is not intended to be used by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and/or knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
– If you are not going to use the unit for a long time, switch it off and disconnect the mains plug !
– Please always keep sufficient distance to wall, ceiling, floor and objects. We recommend the following minimum distances depending on the material:

Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with Lamp User Guide - Please always keep sufficient distance to wall

Please switch off the unit immediately and disconnect it from the power supply if anything seems to be wrong! In this case, please contact a specialist and do not try to repair the unit yourself!

Example: House fuse has blown out during operation of the radiant heater.

Description of the unit parts:

Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with Lamp User Guide - Description of the unit parts

Assembly instructions:

Mounting on the ceiling (ceiling mounting)

  1. Select the appropriate location for mounting on the ceiling. Observe the safety instructions and also the following minimum distances:Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with Lamp User Guide - Select the appropriate location for mounting on the ceiling
  2. Now attach the supplied fastening chain to the holder hook by hooking one end of the chain into the holder hook with a carabiner.Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with Lamp User Guide - Now attach the supplied fastening chain to the holder hook
  3. Attach the correct counter suspension to the ceiling according to the ceiling condition (not included in the scope of delivery). If the ceiling is suitable, we recommend attaching the following counter suspension to the ceiling:Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with Lamp User Guide - Attach the correct counter suspension
  4. Now simply hook the radiant heater with the desired chain length into the counter suspension (carabiner). Finally, please check that the radiant heater is straight and properly seated! Now you can start the heating operation.

Instructions for use:

1. Commissioning

1.1. Insert the mains plug properly into the socket.

1.2. Switch the unit on at the main switch to readiness for operation. The unit then signals that it is ready for operation by lighting up the main switch (see picture on the right) and the operating light (lights up red).Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with Lamp User Guide - Commissioning

1.3. By pressing the red operating light, you can switch the operation in the following sequence (circuit):

  • Level 1 (1,000 Watt heating power) > Operating light blue
  • Level 2 (2,000 Watt heating power) > Operating light blue
  •  Level 3 (No heating power, only LED lamp active) > Blue operating light
  • Level 4 (2,000 Watt heating power + LED lamp active) > Blue operating light
  • Off (No heating power, LED lamp not active) > Operating light Red

2. Remote control
2.1. You can also control all settings and functions of your radiant heater with the remote control included in the delivery. However, the main switch of the radiant heater must be switched on for this purpose. The remote control requires two AAA (micro) batteries (not included) !

Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with Lamp User Guide - Remote control

3. Cleaning & Storage
Always unplug the heater from the mains and allow it to cool down completely before cleaning it!
3.1. Cleaning:
– Use a soft and damp cloth to clean the outside of the housing.
– Only use mild cleaning agents to clean your radiant heater.
– Also, make sure that no aggressive cleaning agents are used, they can damage your appliance !
– Please make sure that no water gets inside your radiant heater at any time !

3.2. Storage:
– We recommend that you repack the unit in its original box for storage.
– Store the radiant heater in a dry and sufficiently ventilated place/space.

Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with Lamp User Guide - Other important operating instructions

  • 4. Other important operating instructions
    • 4.1. When starting heating operation, the heater may briefly make cracking noises during the heating phase! This is normal and does not represent a malfunction.
    • 4.2. Do not disconnect the mains plug by pulling on the power cable !
    • 4.3. Do not use insect repellent, oil spray, paint spray, etc. near the heater. This may cause damage to the unit or even fire !
    • 4.4. Make sure that the mains cable never runs in front of the radiant heater or that the mains cable is not wrapped around the heating element.
    • 4.5. Do not operate the radiant heater with a timer or similar control. This may result in
      damage to the appliance or even fire. 4.6. Although the radiant heater is protected against splashing water (IP24), do not use it in rain showers and/or other wet conditions !

Technical data

Model name: WDH-200LS
Voltage: 220V – 240V / 50Hz
Max. Power consumption: 2,000 W (9.1 A)
Dimensions of the radiant heater (H/W/D): 265 x 430 x 430 mm
Waterproofness: IP24
Weight: 3,5 kg

There may be deviations in the technical data!


Warranty statement:
Notwithstanding the statutory warranty claims, the manufacturer grants a warranty in accordance with the laws of your country, but at least 1 year (in Germany 2 years for private individuals). The warranty begins on the date of sale of the appliance to the end user. The guarantee only covers defects that are due to material or manufacturing faults.

Warranty repairs may only be carried out by an authorised customer service. To make a warranty claim, please enclose the original sales receipt (with date of sale).
Excluded from the guarantee are:

– Normal wear
– Improper applications, such as overloading the appliance or non-approved accessories.
– Damage due to external influences, use of force or foreign objects
– Damage caused by non-observance of the operating instructions, e.g. connection to an incorrect mains voltage or non-observance of the assembly instructions.
– Completely or partially dismantled units


The radiant heater has been tested and itself and/or parts thereof have been manufactured under the following (safety) standards: GS tested by SGS Fimko Ltd, IECEE certified and of course CE (LVD + EMC) compliant.

Tested safety according to:
EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014
EN 60335-2-30:2009+A11:2012
EN 62233:2008 AfPS GS 2014:01 PAK

CE (LVD) Conformity tested according to:
EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014
EN 60335-2-30:2009+A11:2012
EN 62233:2008

CE (EMC) conformity tested according to:
EN 55014-1:2006+A1:2009+A2:2011
EN 55014-2:2015
EN 61000-3-2:2014
EN 61000-3-3:2013

IECEE (CB System) Certified according to:
60335-2-30:2009 (ed.5)
60335-1:2010 (ed.5) +A1:2013

Correct disposal of this product:
Aktobis AG WDH-200LS Radiant Heater with Lamp User Guide - Disposal iconWithin the EU, this symbol indicates that this product should not be disposed of with household waste. Waste equipment contains valuable recyclable materials that should be recycled. Furthermore, the environment or human health should not be polluted by uncontrolled waste disposal. Therefore, please dispose of old appliances via suitable collection systems or send the appliance for disposal to the place where you purchased it. They will then recycle the appliance.

I wish you much pleasure with this appliance.

Keep these instructions for use in a safe place !
Aktobis AG, Borsigstr. 20, D-63110 Rodgau / Germany www.AKTOBIS.de
Email: [email protected]

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