Euromex RF.6190 Handheld Analog Refractometer
User Manual

euromex RF.6190 Handheld Analog Refracto Meter User Manual


With your purchase of a Euronext hand refractometer you have chosen for a quality product. The Euronext hand refractometers are developed for use in laboratories and in the food industry.

The maintenance requirement is limited when using the refractometer in a decent manner.

This manual describes the construction of the refractometer, how to use the refractometer and maintenance of the refractometer Euromex RF.6190 Handheld.

General safety instructions

  • This product is a high quality optical instrument. Delicate handling is required
  • Impacts, even small ones, can affect the precision of the device
  • Keep the device and its optics clean for maximum performance
  • Precautious should be taken with the samples; substances under observation may be a risk to the health of humans and other living organisms or the environment.

euromex RF.6190 Handheld Analog Refracto Meter User Manual - General safety instructions

Construction of the refractometer

The names of the parts are listed below and are indicated in the picture above.

APrismCAdjustment screw (underneath protective cap)
BCoverDAdjustable eyepiece

Functions of the refractometer

The Euronext hand refractometers are widely used for measuring sugar concentrations, in the table on the next page the different models are shown with their specific way of calibrating them Euromex RF.6190 Handheld.

euromex RF.6190 Handheld Analog Refracto Meter User Manual - Functions of the refractometer

Standard accessories
  • For all types: carrying case, screwdriver or alien key for scale adjustment, plastic pipette
  • For RF 190 only: temperature correction thermometer
  • For RF.6190, RF.6562, RF.6582, RF.6592, RF.6642 and RF.6644: test piece 19,6% or 78,8% and dispersion fluid.

Euromex RF.6190 Handheld Working with the refractometer

Prior to the actual measurement, the scale should be checked if it is correct or not (calibrated). If not, the scale should be adjusted by using the supplied tool to turn the scale adjustment screw (C). For this check, two different standard specimens for each type of hand refractometer are used. These are distilled water and a test-piece, as suggested in the table above.

A) Distilled water
Open the prism cover (BJ. and put a drop of distilled water on the surface of prism (A). Close the prism cover and peep through the eyepiece (D). You will see the horizontal demarcation line as well as the scale in the field of view. If the scale is correctly calibrated the horizontal demarcation line should be exactly on the 0% position of the scale. If not, one can adjust the scale with the screwdriver until the demarcation line is at the scale’s 0% position.

B) Test-piece
For RF.6190, RF.6562, RF.6582, RF.6592, RF.6642 and RF.6644 a standard test-piece is included to calibrate the scale. Put a small drop of the supplied dispersion fluid on the prism and put the test piece into this drop, close the cover gently. The value should read 19.6% or 78.8% depending on the model Euromex RF.6190 Handheld.

Light entrance

Usually daylight is good enough for all types of hand refractometers but depending of the kind of sample, one can also direct the refractometer to a bright light source.

euromex RF.6190 Handheld Analog Refracto Meter User Manual - Light entrance

Note: Only for the RF.6190, a special daylight window for opaque specimens is provided. Usually it should be kept closed

Actual measurement

Wipe off the distilled water, or dispersion fluid. Put a few drops of the specimen on the prism. Close the prism cover and the percentage of the measurement can be read at the position of the demarcation line Euromex RF.6190 Handheld

Temperature compensation

All types have an Automatic Temperature Compensation system (ATC), except for the RF.6190 universal type. With this type, if the temperature at the measurement is not 20’C but higher or lower, the reading should be compensated in accordance with the compensating table below. For example, when the reading is 20 at a temperature of 28°C. the compensated percentage is 20% + 0.62% = 20.62% Euromex RF.6190 Handheld.

euromex RF.6190 Handheld Analog Refracto Meter User Manual - Temperature compensation

Maintenance and cleaning

euromex RF.6190 Handheld Analog Refracto Meter User Manual - Maintenance and cleaning

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