HOFTRONIC 5427077 / 5427084 Series Pinero Led Garden Spike
Single snd Double User Manual

HOFTRONIC 54270 Series Pinero Led Garden Spike Single snd Double User Manual


  1. Ensure the AC/Mains power is NOT connected and cannot be unexpectedly reconnected during installation.
  2. This product must be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with instructions provided and in compliance with recognised electrical and safety regulations relevant to the country it is being installed.
  3. This product may NOT be installed by minors or people with a mental disability.
  4. This garden spike must be installed to the current edition of the IEE wiring regulations and relevant building regulations in your country.
  5. This garden spike is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

HOFTRONIC 54270 Series Pinero Led Garden Spike Single snd Double User Manual - Fig 1,6


Product designed for the use in households and for other similar general applications.


Technical changes reserved. Read the manual before mounting. Mounting should be performed by an appropriately qualified person. Any activities to be done with disconnected power supply. Exercise particular caution. Product has a protective contact/terminal. Failure to connect the protective lead may lead to electric shock. Mounting diagram: see pictures. Check for proper mechanical fastening and connection to electrical power prior to first use. The product can be connected to a supply network which meets energy quality standards as prescribed by law. To maintain the proper IP protection level, the right diameter of the power cable should be selected for the cable gland used in the product.


Product can be used indoors and outdoors


Any maintenance work must be performed when the power supply is cut off and the product has cooled down. Clean only with soft and dry cloths. Do not use chemical detergents. Do not cover the product. Ensure free air access. Product may heat up to a higher temperature. Product can only be supplied by rated voltage or voltage within the range provided. It’s forbidden to use the product with damaged protective cover. Product must not be used in unfavourable conditions, e.g. dust, water, moisture, vibrations, explosive air atmosphere, fumes, or chemical fumes, etc. No demountable product. Not suitable for independent repairs.


Keep your environment clean. Segregation of post-packaging waste is recommended. This labelling indicates the requirement to selectively collect waste electronic and electrical equipment. Products labelled in this way must not be disposed of in the same way as other waste under the threat of a fine. These products may be harmful to the natural environment and health, and require a special form of recycling/ neutralising. Products labelled in this way should be returned to a collection facility for waste electrical and electronic goods. Information on collection centres is provided by local authorities or sellers of such goods. Used items can also be returned to the seller when new product is purchased, in quantity no larger than the purchased item of the same type. The above rules regard the EU area. In the case of other countries, regulations in force in a given country must be applied. Contacting the distributor of our products in a given area is recommended.


Failure to follow these instructions may result in e.g. fire, burns, electrical shock, physical injury and other material and non-material damage. For more information about Hoftronic products visit www.hoftronic.com. Hoftronic shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from the failure to follow these instructions. Hoftronic reserves the right to make changes in the manual – the current version can be downloaded at www.hoftronic.com.


DOCUMENTATION This product has been manufactured and supplied in compliance with all relevant regulations and directives applicable to all member states of the European Union. The product complies with all applicable regulations and rules in the country of sale.
Formal documentation such as the declaration of conformity, the safety data sheet and the product test report is available upon request.

CE DECLARATION The product complies with the following directives:
LVD: 2014/35/EU
EMC: 2014/30/EU
RoHS: 2011/65/EU
The complete Declaration of Conformity Document (DOC) is available upon request.

Imported by HOF Trading B.V. Fahrenheitstraat 11, 6003 DC Weert , The Netherlands
Made in P.R.C.

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