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Grond Spot User Manual

YPHIX 50298100 Grond Spot Instruction Manual

Note: The drawing was show a general introduction to this description.
When the discrepancy between the actual product and drawing,
please all to the actual products.

1. Features

  • The standard color temperature of warm white is in range 2700-3200K.
  • The standard input voltage is 220-240VAC.
  • When installation, always work with technician or install by technician. BOM
  • The main material of this product is aluminum, surface coating is only suitable for natural environment, don’t install this product near the sea water or in the environment which is high salty or high acid.
  • This is IP6 grade product, don’t put fixture into water.
  • Applicable environment temperature: -20’C<fixture<+40’C

2. Installation

YPHIX 50298100 Grond Spot Instruction Manual - Installation

3. Wiring Diagram

High voltage single color fitting: refer to the following recommended wiring method. Example of wiring:

YPHIX 50298100 Grond Spot Instruction Manual - High Voltage single color fitting

220-240VAC: circuit of product.

YPHIX 50298100 Grond Spot Instruction Manual - Circiut of product

4. Specifications

4.1. Material specifications:

Housing: 12 Die-casting black powder coated aluminum.T=60-80um.
Adhesion of ISO class 1/ASTM class 4B.
Gasket: Tooling shaped seal
Glass: Tempered glass. T=6mm
Cable gland: IP-68 PG-9
Gasket: Tooling shaped seal
Power cable: H05RN-F 3×0.5mm L=2m(high viltage)

4.2. Electrical parameters:

Item No.Light sourceInput voltage(v)IK rate

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