Promitto 3000K 25M SafeLight User Manual

Promitto 3000K 25M SafeLight User Manual

Safe Light 3000K
Part nr: 155130
EAN: 7090049800153

Safe Light is simple! 25 meters of powerful LED strip that connects directly to 230V and could be interconnected for lengths up to 150 meters. Each 25m reel provides a smooth, powerful light and is well suited for both outdoor and indoor use. Space-saving and flexible. Safe Light also has an extra safety feature integrated in the encapsulation. The LED strip is self-illuminated and will guide the way out even if the power is cut.

This manual is to be read before use and is retained for future use.

Promitto 3000K 25M SafeLight User Manual - This manual is to be read before use and is retained for future use

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Length25 meters
Max interconnected length150 meters
Width x Height18mm x 8mm
Power300W – 12W/m
Colour temperature3000K
Beam angle120°
IP classIP65
Ambient temperature-25°c to +45°c
LED type, quantitySMD2835, 144LED/m
Lifetime30.000 hours (L70)
Measurements32x26x39 cm
Gross weight7 kg
CertificatesCE, Nemko, Semko
WarningPlease remove the entire LED strip from the drum before use

Promitto 3000K 25M SafeLight User Manual - Certified iconUsed electrical and electronic products, including all types of batteries, must be delivered for recycling at a separate collection point. (acc. to directive 2012/19/EU and 2006/66/EC).


  • Make sure the voltage in the socket is the same as the one on the Product.
  • Place the LED Strip out of reach for Children.
  • The LED strip should always be fully rolled out before powering it.
  • Never use the LED strip when it is rolled up onto the drum. This may cause overheating.
  • Do not use the LED Strip if it is damaged. Always check the LED strip before use.
  • Avoid hard Twisting. This may cause internal breakage of the LED Strip.
  • If the cable or the LED strip should be damaged, the product shall be disposed.
  • Continuous 24 hours use of the LED strip will reduce the lifetime.
  • This product is not intended for use by children or persons with impaired physical, sensory or mental disabilities, or by people with lack of experience and knowledge of its use.


  • Carefully drag out the LED strip from the drum.
  • Always mount the LED strip according to the installation Instructions.
  • Connect to a suitable electrical outlet.
  • When the work is finished, disconnect the product from the electrical outlet or turn off the power.
  • When needed, clean the LED Strip and connector cable with a dry or moistened cloth. Never use Chemicals.
  • PLEASE NOTE! The product shall not be powered while mounting it or when it is rolled in/out from the drum.


When mounting this product, please consider the following:

Promitto 3000K 25M SafeLight User Manual - When mounting this productCable and connector should never be stretched. Also, the LED strip should not be twisted. The LED strip is completely encapsulated and designed for versatile Use. It can be mounted in different ways and works equally well horizontally as vertically. When mounting the LED strip, It is important that the encapsulation is kept intact. We recommend use of the following types of mounting equipment:

  1. Mounting brackets.Promitto 3000K 25M SafeLight User Manual - Mounting brackets 1
  2. Aluminum profilesPromitto 3000K 25M SafeLight User Manual - Aluminum profiles
  3. Strip (for temporary use)Promitto 3000K 25M SafeLight User Manual - Strip
  4. Hooks (for temporary use)

Promitto 3000K 25M SafeLight User Manual - HooksLighting made simple

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