UGREEN CM304 USB + USB-C Adapter Card Reader User Manual

UGREEN CM304 USB + USB-C Adapter Card Reader User Manual

Dear customer,
Thank you for purchasing our product. Please read the following instructions carefully before first use and keep this user manual for future reference. Pay particular attention to the safety instructions. If you have any questions or comments about the device, please contact the customer line.

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Product Details

UGREEN CM304 USB + USB-C Adapter Card Reader User Manual - Product Details

  1. USB-C M
  2. USB-A M
  3. SD Card Slot
  4. TF Card Slot

How It Works

UGREEN CM304 USB + USB-C Adapter Card Reader User Manual - How It Works


Output1 x SD Card Slot, 1 x TF Card Slot
Memory Card TypesMicro SD 3.0(TF)/SD 3.0
Support SystemsMac OS/Windows/Linux
DimensionsL73 x W21.5 x H11.5 (mm)


  • This unit supports read and write on SD and TF cards simultaneously.
  • Do not use this unit in moist environment.
  • Please align the interface to plug for a long service life.

Package Contents

UGREEN CM304 USB + USB-C Adapter Card Reader User Manual - Package Contents

Warranty Conditions

A new product purchased in the sales network is guaranteed for 2 years. If you need repair or other services during the warranty period, contact the product seller directly, you must provide the original proof of purchase with the date of purchase. The following are considered to be a conflict with the warranty conditions, for which the claimed claim may not be recognized:

  • Using the product for any purpose other than that for which the product is intended or failing to follow the instructions for maintenance, operation, and service of the product.
  • Damage to the product by a natural disaster, the intervention of an unauthorized person or mechanically through the fault of the buyer (e.g., during transport, cleaning by inappropriate means, etc.).
  • Natural wear and aging of consumables or components during use (such as batteries, etc.).
  • Exposure to adverse external influences, such as sunlight and other radiation or electromagnetic fields, fluid intrusion, object intrusion, mains overvoltage, electrostatic discharge voltage (including lightning), faulty supply or input voltage and inappropriate polarity of this voltage, chemical processes such as used power supplies, etc.
  • If anyone has made modifications, modifications, alterations to the design or adaptation to change or extend the functions of the product compared to the purchased design or use of non-original components.

EU Declaration of Conformity
This product complies with the legal requirements of the following European Union directives: 2014/30/EU and 2011/65/EU including amendments 2015/863/EU.
UGREEN CM304 USB + USB-C Adapter Card Reader User Manual - CE icon

This product must not be disposed of as normal household waste in accordance with the EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE – 2012/19 / EU). Instead, it shall be returned to the place of purchase or handed over to a public collection point for the recyclable waste. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. Contact your local authority or the nearest collection point for further details. Improper disposal of this type of waste may result in fines in accordance with national regulations.UGREEN CM304 USB + USB-C Adapter Card Reader User Manual - Disposal icon

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