BLAVOR W05 Qi Solar Power Bank User Manual

BLAVOR W05 Qi Solar Power Bank User Manual

Welcome Guide

Qi Solar Power Bank

Important safety instructions
Warning: When using this product, basic precautions
should always be followed, including the following:
A. Carefully read the User Manual before using the
power bank.
B. Close supervision is needed when the power bank
is used near children.
C. Do not strike, hit or insert any foreign objects into
the powerbank or any of its ports,
D. Do not expose the power bank to heavy rain/snow
to avoid malfunction.
E. Do not immergethe power bank into water to avoid
F. Do not disassemble or reassemble the power bank
without authorization from manufacturer
G. Do not use the power bank if it has been damaged
or modified. If you see any bulging, swelling,
leakage or other abnormality from the power bank,
stop using it immediately.
Legal and Regulatory Compliance
All BLAVOR power banks have undergone extensive
tests and the strict quality control procedure.Both our
factory and products are tested and certified.

l. lSO 9001:Quality management system demonstrates
our ability to consistently provide products and
services that meet customer and applicable
statutory and regulatory requirements.
2. UN38.3 Test Certificate: ensures that the battery cell
used in the charger adheres to standards like
maximum continuous charge voltage, cut off voltage,
nominal voltage, discharge etc.
3. UL 2056 Test Certificate:A safety standards proves
that the products have gone through aseries
of in-depth evaluations by UL expert engineers.
Product Name
Wireless Solar PowerBank
MicroUSB Input
USB-C Input
USB Output
DC 5V2.1A
Qi W
irelessOutput DCSVl,OA
Battery Capacity
Polymer LithiumBattery
Qi Compatible Devices All QiEnabledDevices
IPX4(spla shproof)

Product Size
5.9×3.1 x0.8inches
1-SolarPower Bank 1-UserManual
1-11.Sin USB-CCable 1-Compass Carabiner
Product Details


CD Wireless charging indicator

Briefly press the powerbutton to begin wireless
charging. The green lightin dicates aready state for
charging.Ifno Qi-enabled devices are close to the
Qipad within 20 seconds, it will turn off.
@Power button
Brieflypress thepower button to check battery levels
or to enablethe Qipad for wireless charging. Press
and holdthe powerbutton for 3-5 seconds to turn
on/off the LED flashlight.
®Qi pad (wireless charging area)
Place Qi-enabled devices inthisarea for wireless
@Anti-slip rubber mat
This rubbercircle helps prevent devices from sliding
off the charging pad.
@Dual LED flashlight
Press and hold the power button for 3-5seconds to
turn on/off.
®USB-C Input (SV2.1A)
Use this port tocharge the power bank with aUSB-C
cable(in cluded).
(f) USB Output (SV 2.lA)
Use this port for charging devices via cable

®Micro-USB Input (5V 2.lA)

Use this port to charge the powerbank withamicroUSB cable(not in cluded).
®Solar charging indicator
This green light indicates if solarcharging isoccurring.
Maximum chargingoccurs with light intensity of at
least 25,000 lux andfull panel exposure to light.
@l Battery power indicator
These blue lights indicatebattery level and cabled
charging. Eachlight is 25% battery level {so two lig hts
wouldbe 50% battery, three lights is75% and four
lights is100% battery level).When chargingthepower
bank,these flashinsequence until fully charged.
®Solar panel
This works best under full sunlight(25,000 lux or
higher). With optimallightconditions, the charge
current is180mA.
NOTE:It isadvised to use the solar chargingfeature as
an emergency backupsolution instead of the main
power source,due tovariable sunlight intensity and
panel conversion rates.
Make sure that your powerbank is fullycharged using
apower outlet beforestarting along trip.

UsingYour PowerBank As aCharge
Check Battery Power
(Press PowerButton) .,1 Batterylevellow)( ChargePowel’Bank




Connect Device to be

(Blue IndicatorLights Flash]

Put Device on Qipad

.fl. ‘,


jGreenIndicatorLight ison]
25,000luxlight forbest

[ Connect Device using cable

• Ifyou are not usingthe device for along time, charge
itusing apoweroutlet at least every sixmonths.

Donot use the wireless chargingfunctionwhile
charging the powerbank.
■ The powerb
ank isdesigned for5V/2A power
adapters when wall charging.
• Keep the powerbank away fromwet environments
and corrosivesubstances.
• Do not try to refit, retrofit ordisassemble thepower
Alproducts sold by BLAVOR enjoy a12 month warranty.
The guarantee period begins fromthe date of purchase.
Duringthe warranty period,ifthere are problemscaused
bymanufacturerdefect (as verified byour engineering
team), BLAVOR will be responsible for itandourteamwill
be with you until you aresatisfied.
BLAVOR offers timely and considerate customer service. If
you havequestions orconcerns,feelfree to contact us and
we will get back to you within 12 hours.
We love to get feedback sowe can improveourproducts
andcustomer service!
Thank you forchoosing BLAVOR!
[email protected]

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